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A Place Here, Vol. 2

A Place Here, Vol. 2

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Thoughts and recipes for the growing season

A seasonal companion to A Place Here, Volume 1, this recipe book focuses on community, cooking, and our relationship with the natural world. Featuring thoughtful menus alongside whimsical essays, this cookbook zine is one that you will reach for again and again. These tried and true recipes encourage creating your own culinary combinations as the season's produce changes, and inspire you gather friends and family to create connection and community around the table.

Beth Ables, Author
Lindsey Charles, Typeface
Karen Schipper, Illustrations
Kent Ambler, Cover Art

ISBN: 978-1-7345844-1-7
Dimensions: 4.5" x 8"
Format: Paperback
Page count: 32

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Customer Reviews

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The loveliest little book on food

A Place Here, Volume 2, is a collection of thoughts and recipes for the growing season by Beth Brown Ables. Ables's writing here is so beautiful and thoughtful, and the recipes seem SO good for the summer. She focuses on using fresh, seasonal, and available ingredients, so each many of the recipes are offered more as templates where you can substitute different in-season produce. She also includes a note on how to pair flavors when it comes to herbs and fruit. I'm looking forward to trying the recipes, especially the quiche, the figs with goat cheese and honey, and the salty sweet roasted strawberries! Quiche has always mystified me, and she makes it seem so approachable! Her writing is beautiful, and I was drawn in completely while reading. This publication was only 32 pages, but I would read a much longer book by her.