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Holding Patterns: A Collection of Words on Ritual

Holding Patterns: A Collection of Words on Ritual

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This anthology holds the work of 29 voices, each touching on ritual and its place in our lives.

A walk. A cigarette. A laundry cycle. A prayer. 

From the ceremonial to the subliminal, ritual works its way into each of our lives. 

This book of poems, prose, and short stories is a collection of words from 29 voices on rituals of every kind, and the ways that they save us, challenge us, and utterly shape who we are.


ISBN: 978-1-7345844-4-8
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8"
Page count: 72
Format: Paperback



Beth Ables
Angie Toole Thompson


Contributing Writers

Zebib K. Abraham
Rasha Abdulhadi
Gale Acuff
Abigail Bergey
Angelina Oberdan Brooks
Chris Andrei Cruz
Jelena Dunato
Jacob Edwards
Donna Faulkner née Miller
Zary Fekete
Melina Flowers
Rebecca Fremo
Shannon Greene
Tom Hartig
Emily Hockaday
Valerie Hunter
Morgan Johnson
Abby Moore Keith
Susan L. Lin
Vishaal Pathak
Marisca Pichette
Daniel A. Rabuzzi
Ojo Taiye
Kerry Trautman
Padmanabh Trivedi
Miller Voigt
Madeline Wilkins
Kate Young

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