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Not The Way You Expect: A Collection of Words on Motherhood

Not The Way You Expect: A Collection of Words on Motherhood

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An anthology of words from 19 writers around the topic of motherhood.

It’s nearly impossible to feel nothing about motherhood.

Each of us comes from a mother, in fact. We adore them, we resent them, we miss them, we are them.

This book of poems, prose, and short stories is a collection of words on all shades of motherhood. The wonderful, the painful, and everything between.  Motherhood isn’t a monolith, after all.

And it’s almost never what you expect.


ISBN: 978-1-7345844-2-4
Dimensions: 5" x 7.5"
Page count: 70
Format: Paperback



Beth Ables
Angie Toole Thompson


Contributing Writers

Beth Ables
Emily Barnett
Mandy Blankenship
Nancy Bopp
Nicole Bougie
Katie Ellen Bowers
Adrienne Burris
Nicole Fernandes
Alex George
Shannon Greene
Lindsey DeLoach Jones
Lorna Mills
Brandon Seabrook Nelson
Courtney Paraham
Stephen Phillips
Moe Rice
Bethany Stedman
Katie Stewart
Angie Toole Thompson

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