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The Uncomplicated Gardener Zine

The Uncomplicated Gardener Zine

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This gardening zine outlines a simple path to find more joy and success tending plants. Tiffany Deluccia reminds us that growing things can be whimsical and intuitive, and all of us get to define what gardening means for ourselves. 'The Uncomplicated Gardener' offers six easy steps to becoming a gardener without overcomplicating things.

Written by Tiffany Deluccia
Lettering and illustrations by Jennifer Bilton

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Customer Reviews

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Easy Peasy

As someone who tends to get overwhelmed with gardening, it feels like this was made just for me! I'd be willing to say there are others of you out there who may not know exactly what you are doing but you are brave enough to dream of growing your own food or creating a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family. I found this Zine to be the encouragement I needed to add a few more plants to my garden this season. But more importantly, the encouragement to not take gardening too seriously!

Gina Sellers
a relaxed approach to gardening.

This a fun easy read for anyone who wants to start a garden but feels intimidated. Read it and embrace a relaxed approach to gardening.

Rethink Gardening

When you feel overwhelmed by gardening and keeping plants alive, this is a great place to begin! Such a great little resource! Broken down. Simple. Informative. It will help change your thinking on what it means to be a gardener!

Lydia Sellers
The perfect quick read!

I love this little gardening zine! I may be biased because Tiffany is my sister, but I can attest that Tiffany is full of practical tips and encouragement for people who are interested in gardening but aren't sure where to start. Really, she's developed a way of thinking about gardening that I think every gardener at any skill level could benefit from - it's all about the process, making less work for yourself and enjoying things a little more. I hope you pick one up!

Jennifer Guthrie
Learn how to garden in 15 minutes or less!

Wow! This is what every aspiring gardener needs to pick up first. Straight forward, easy to digest information sprinkled with lots of encouragement! In our digital age, going online for how-to’s can be helpful, but we usually end up spending hours reading so many opinions on our topic, we just feel overwhelmed and never start. That is why I love this idea of a pamphlet how-to, that you can read in the time it takes to enjoy one cup of coffee, and walk away feeling like, I can do this!